About us

We are a grassroots PR and public affairs business offering specialist communications advice to community development projects and social enterprises. We operate mainly in Scotland’s rural south and are committed to sustainable ways of living and working. 

Snygg was started by young Public Relations graduate Ruaridh Thin-Smith in 2017. The business grew from the freelance PR work which Ruaridh undertook as a student and then PR graduate. Ruaridh’s experience ranges from branding work with youth arts groups, to more holistic events marketing management for international youth forums. Ruaridh spent a semester at University in Sweden where he studied Nordic Culture and drew cross-comparison between the Nordic countries and his native Dumfries and Galloway, and also spent a year working as a communications officer to a member of the Scottish Parliament. These experiences have formed the basis for the Snygg outlook, which prioritises people and experience above all other things. Snygg is a Swedish word translating roughly as ‘chic’, which reflects the Snygg commitment to cutting edge reputation management.